Shuttle transfer machine

Shuttle transfer machine
Product certification : CE
Management certification : ISO 13485, ISO 9001
Origin : Turkey

Our Shuttle Transfer Machine, which we have produced by Santeks Textile Machinery and is 100% Turkish made, centers polysteri with lycra through air. The Lycra feature can be canceled and normal puncturing can be done. The air feature can be turned off and normal folding can be done. Feed and air features can be canceled and normal winding can be done. There are 3 types of winding decrease angles on the PLC screen. If they wish, businesses can wind at any angle they wish. In our machine, when the rope breaks, the knife system automatically cuts the rope, thus preventing incorrect winding.

Working Voltage: 220v
Power: 1.5 kw
Winding Size: 8 inches / 10 inches
Working Speed: 600m/min
PLC and Inverter Screen
It uses yarns such as lycra, polyester and nylon to coat elastane with air jet.

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