Single head mini jacquard collar machine

Single head mini jacquard collar machine
Product certification : CE
Management certification : ISO 13485, ISO 9001
Incoterms : EXW
Origin : China

Control System

The machine is computer OS is specially designed by the Boosan engineer. Boosan has making years of effort to upgrade the OS to be more user-friendly and more stable than ever before. There is an USB socket under the control keyboard, the user can store a lot of knitting designs to a external disk.

Precision Carriage

New carriage is firmer and lighter than ever before.

The Carriage Slide System

24 bearing structure design enables a durable life for the carriage.

Yarn Feeder

The yarn feeders are made of special steel which effectly reduce yarn broken and help the yarn to finish loop smothly.

New Type Top Tention Unit.

Weight 469 kg
Dimensions 1900 × 1880 × 850 mm
Production Capacity 600 – 700 Pieces / 1 Day (Average)
Supply Capacity 18.000 – 21.000 piece / 1 Month (Average)
Cam System Single carriage, single system, tuck knitting and plain knitting. Jacks on the front rear bed, capable knitting square mini jacquard and line etc.
Feeder Two side interchangeable feeders, 6 colors
Stitch Density 0 ~ 99 divisions by computer program control
Gauge 10G, 12G, 14G, 16G, 18G, 7G, 9G
Knitting Width 42″ inch, 52″ inch
Knitting Speed Max 1.2m/s depending on knitting wide and knitting material
Racking Max. 2″ inch
Roller D/C motor control, 2 speed options
Control System The carriage is driven and controlled by the Boosan operation system
Automatic Intervention Cam motor error, Fabric drop, Fabric end, Jacquard error, Knot, Motor overload, Motor setting error, Needle break, Side feeder
Power 220V / 380V

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