Trakya baldo rice (1 KG) - Çağlayan Damla

Trakya baldo rice (1 KG) - Çağlayan Damla
Product certification : Halal
Management certification : ISO 22000, TSE
Origin : Turkey
Barcode : 8691763800642

Trakya Baldo Rice, from the Thrace region of Turkey, is one of the most preferred rice types for pilaf. There is a regional and grain difference between it and Gönen Baldo Rice. Trakya Baldo is smaller and more economical than Gönen Baldo. It contains A, B1, B2, B3, C, D vitamins. There is also calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium minerals.

Sort: Baldo Rice
Grade: Rice 1. Class
Size: Long
Origin: Türkiye
Product Weights / Pieces in Box

1 Kg 16 Pieces
2 Kg 10 Pieces
5 Kg 4 Pieces
25 Kg –

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