Single jersey fabric knit machine (Open width – four tracks)

Single jersey fabric knit machine (Open width – four tracks) Single jersey fabric knit machine (Open width – four tracks) Single jersey fabric knit machine (Open width – four tracks) Single jersey fabric knit machine (Open width – four tracks) Single jersey fabric knit machine (Open width – four tracks) Single jersey fabric knit machine (Open width – four tracks) Single jersey fabric knit machine (Open width – four tracks) Single jersey fabric knit machine (Open width – four tracks) Single jersey fabric knit machine (Open width – four tracks)
Product certification : CE
Management certification : ISO 13485, ISO 9001
Incoterms : EXW
Origin : China

Textile Head
Cylinder Mounted on an oil immered bearing ring, to guarantee the necessary prescision in long time work.
Needles Groz-Beckert
Sinkers Kern Liebers
Closed Track Cylinder Cams ±0.5 mm standard excursion for high velocity (without unwanted spikes). The Ø 30″ inch machine can normally work with Lycra at 30 / 35 rpm.
Cam Boxes Cast iron for better quality, dimensional stability, vibration abetment, guarantees efficiency over the years and it does not deform or squeeze in the solicited areas.
Stitch Length Adjustable on each feed with a high precision micrometric register.
Plate Carrying Sectors Operator friendly centralized adjustment of the stitch length (without blocking screws of the system). High precision (1/100) comparator for the movement control.
Yarn Feeder The machine is equipped with Zirconium feeders.The black color is ideal for optimal yarn visibility.
Zirconium guarantees a long lifetime before being damaged by yarn rubbing.

The feeder is with three holes for a separate yarn control.

Allows the production of an excellent quality plated jersey (Vanisê)

Allows the production with there different yarn contemporary.

Allows the production of there thread plated jersey (Trivanisê).

Sinkers Ring The profile of the sinker’s cams is optimized to allow production of plated jersey with Lycra and high speed working angles.The sinker ring and the relative cams work suspended over the cylinder, which they never contact avoiding dangerous friction.
Cylinder Built using the most advanced and precide technologies.The needle housing are formed by tempered steels sticks with high hardness, fluency and mounted with micrometric precision.
The sinkers housing are obtained with micrometric precision in tempered steel rings with high hardness and fluency to guarantee a long lifetime.

Single Jersey Fabric Knit Machine
The project of the machine has been realized keeping in the highest consideration the needs of the operator.

Ease of accesss to the needles and yarn feeders.
High visibility of the needle, sinker shape and the area of the knitting formation.
Ease of access to all the adjustments.
Limited feeder ring height from the ground.
Step layout of the feeder rings.
Continuous electronic speed adjustment.
Centralized stitch length adjusting system.

Positive storage feeder adjustment from the exterior.

All the non green painted parts of the machine are treated in a special way with “Opaque Chemical Nickel Plating” which guarantees no oxidation.

Diameter 26″ inch 28″ inch 30″ inch 32″ inch 34″ inch
Gauge 14 ~ 40
Feeds 78 84 90 96 102
Speed (rpm) 35 35 35 28 28
Single Jersey Fabric Knit Machine
Standard Equipment
Navigator Memminger Iro control device
Electronic speed control device
Positive storage feeders
Yarn creel with aluminium tubes
Automatic lubrication
Centralized stitch length adjusting system
One shift rev. counter
Self cleaning system
Automatic cleaning device at the end of each roll
Air distributor
Three thread plated yarn guides (Trivanisê)
Two closed cam tracks, suitable for the production of Jersey Fleece ad pique.
High legs frame (Roll diam, up to 75 cm)
Footboard for high legs frame.
Lycra feeding system.
Cam for four tracks.
Self threading yarn creel.
Single Jersey Fabric Knit Machine
Electrical Specification
Electric equipment with Navigator Memminger Iro device for complete management for all the functions, with possibility to export and store production date.

Inverter Excellent quality, well dimensioned: 5.5 kW (7.5 HP)
Main Electrical Motor Well dimensioned 5.5 kW (7.5 HP)
Electric Cabinet Excellent vention for optimal temperature control.
Electric Cables Separetely wired from the machine for easy maintenance.
Safety In case of danger, the Emergency button shuts down the machine and the electrical system (CE compliant).
Signaling Lights Colored lights indicate different stopping cause.
Morning Timer Prevents the machine start up at maximum speed before a warm up cycle (according to the operator settings).
LFA Monitor Electronicy yarn consumption measuring device, up to 5 tracks (LFA: Lenght of Absorbed Yarn for each cycle of the machine).
Scanner Identifies various types of defects in the fabric, and allows for automatic mahine stop.
Data Collection Posibility to connect a PC in an easy way.
Automatic Cleaning Allows manual operation of the machine for inspection.
Cleaning Cycle At the and of the roll (automatic and adjustable) keeps the textile head, needles and sinkers perfectly cleaned.
Fans Powerful fans on the cylinder and feeding rings (the assure an optimal cleaning of yarn and feeders during production). They can be used also during machine down time to avoid lint accumulation.
Fans Rotation Engine controlled, guarantees constant speed.
Timed Air Blast Allows perfect cleaning of the yarn guides avoiding obstruction with cotton dust/lint.
Manual Control Allows manual operation of the machine for inspection.
Protection Gates CE compliant for maximum operator security (the machine can not be operated with out complte closure of all gates).
Safety Device for automatic machine shuts down in case the fabric falls underneath the take-down.
Working Group of the Positive Storage Feeders Takes motion directly from the cylinder ring without unwanted movements.Adjustable from the exterior, for ease of use.
Interchangeable noiseless synthetic gears.

Safety device for the production carter closing.

Lighting Textile head illuminated by high efficiency, and low consuption fluorescent lights.
Pulsonic 5.2 Pump Memminger Iro oil system lubrication without fog formation. Very low air consumption for lubrication.
Open Fabric Take-down Features
Maximum Fabric Width 2.300 mm
Maximum Fabric Roll Diameter Ø 412 mm
The fabric take-down works with only mechanical movements. There are no electrical or electronic parts that can be damaged by dirt or humidity.

It has motorized rubber bars (Black) that allow to achieve a low fabric tention.

The fabric obtained with this take-down has double the height compared to the one, obtained with the same tubolar machine, with the same characteristics of weight, both in the middle and on the sides of the fabric roll.

The unroll of the side of the fabric is guaranteed by tuneable, (both in the power and direction), air streams.

The opening of the fabric is guaranteed by high efficiency ceramic blade, that does not loose its sharpness in time.

Possibility to use the machine in tubolar mode with a simple and quick action on the take-down.

Machine Weight (26″ inch – 34″ inch) 2950 kg
Electrical Power Installed 6,5 kW
Compressed Air Consumption 280 lt/min
Working Pressure (Air) 6 Bar
Acoustic Pressure 82,3 dB(A)

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